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        Hello,Welcome Hebei Jinhai dragon Pipe Co. Ltd.!
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        Hebei Jinhai dragon Pipe Co. Ltd.

        Contact: Yao Manager 15130335888 

                Ms. Chen 13582092936 

        Telephone:0312- 8540668/ 8540666/ 8540662



        Address:Hebei Province, Xiongxian Tianjin high-speed railway station south300 meters west side

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        Technical support

        "Production ethics, sales personality" is our purpose. Continuously and customer communication, study the change of customer demand, improve our work to make customer satisfaction, is our eternal pursuit.
        We always put the service in the first place, for customers and partners, we will provide excellent Quality service. If you are in doubt or in the process of cooperation you have any views, you can through our customer service Center for consultation and feedback, our commitment to the customer's request response timely and accurate, to the customer Real and trustworthy, thoughtful service, and is committed to continuously improve the quality of service. Our customer service center will continue To develop, expand knowledge, proficient in business, improve their own, your satisfaction is our goal of the work And direction.
        Convenient - ――Easy (do not allow customers to do repeat things)
        Thorough - -–-Do everything possible for the client.
        Reliable - -–-Be reliable (not to take a dim sum)
        Intimate - - – Kind (let the customer hear our smile)
        Professional - - –Professional (so that customers feel that we are experts)
        Sincere - - –-Sincerely (wholeheartedly for the sake of customers)

        Customer service hotline 7*24 hours to provide timely technical support, technical support, questions and emergency handling.

        We provide E-mail mail, online QQ/ online customer service and other communication tools, through remote provide all kinds of technical support.
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        Address: Hebei province Xiongxian Tianjin high-speed east south west 300 meters   Zip code:071800
        Telephone:0312-8540668/8540667   Fax:0312-5735568   mailbox:jinhai@jinhaisj.com