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        Knowledge of PVC double wall corrugated pipe

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        PVC double wall corrugated pipe is a large number of pipe, and its tube wall section is a double layer structure, which is smooth and flat, and the outer wall is arranged in the same distance with trapezoidal hollow structure of the pipe. Now PVC double wall corrugated pipe has been widely used in our life the, in our life has an important role, so well received by people's welcome and favor, then we for PVC double wall corrugated pipe know how much, here we have to you a brief introduction about PVC double wall corrugated pipe related knowledge, we have come to know about it.
        PVC double wall corrugated pipe is with hard PVC as the main raw material, PVC double wall corrugated pipe respectively consists of inner and outer extrusion, molding, smooth inner wall. The outer wall is trapezoidal corrugated, inside and outside the wall between is gripped by the hollow wall plastic pipe. Its unique structure, high strength, smooth inner wall, small frictional resistance, big circulation, don't need to do concrete foundation, light weight, convenient transportation and installation, quick construction; rubber ring socket connection, reliable method, construction quality easy to guarantee; flexible interface. Anti uneven settlement ability is strong; its anti leakage effect is good, can withstand a variety of chemical medium erosion; tube scaling, basically do not clear. The use of buried life of 50 years. Mainly used in municipal engineering, construction engineering, electrical and Telecommunications Engineering, industrial, railway, highway communications and road engineering, and many other fields. Above is the relevant knowledge of the PVC double wall corrugated pipe, I believe we should have some understanding of it, we hope to be able to help oh.

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