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        Why PE pipe in water supply and drainage system is widely used

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        Now the plastic pipe industry development is very hot, we Jinhai plastic factory is specializing in the production of plastic pipe fittings. Specifications and is continuously enriched. Especially plastic pipe development faster, has become a hot spot for investment.

        Now the plastic pipe industry development is very hot, we Jinhai plastic factory is specializing in the production of plastic pipes and fittings, we find that PE why in water supply and drainage system application is more and more widely, with the acceleration of urbanization in our country, in the face of the enormous pressure of population, resources and environment, in order to ensure the sustainable development of national economy, the Chinese government increased year by year in the investment of urban infrastructure, municipal pipeline construction continues to accelerate, specifications and constantly enrich, yield increased, quality continues to improve, especially plastic pipe development faster, has become a hot spot for investment.
        A, water supply and drainage system engineering with a variety of pipe and technical, economic and other aspects of the comparison:
        (a) pipe type
        Water supply and drainage system engineering are mainly: polyethylene pipe, steel pipe, ductile pipe, gray cast iron pipe, cement pipe, glass steel sand inclusion pipe, UPV-C pipes and so on.
        (1) polyethylene pipe (PE)
        Polyethylene is divided into high density polyethylene (HDPE), medium density polyethylene pipe (MDPE) and low density polyethylene pipe (LDPE) according to its density. The polyethylene pipe can be divided into single wall pipe, double wall corrugated pipe and spiral winding pipe according to the structure form. Double wall corrugated pipe and spiral wound pipe is mainly made of HDPE raw material processing, mainly used in urban drainage and Dan Cengshi wall of high density polyethylene (HDPE) are mainly used in urban water supply and gas transportation, single wall MDPE pipe is mainly used for city gas transport and monolayer wall LDPE pipe is used for agricultural irrigation and drainage pipes and ordinary industrial pipeline.
        (2) glass fiber reinforced plastic sand inclusion
        Glass steel sand inclusion pipe is the use of short glass fiber centrifugal or long glass fiber winding, sandwiched between sand production process, a little thick wall pipe, ring to stiffness is larger, can be used as under internal and external pressure of buried pipeline, the pipe can be from a diameter of 500 to 2600 mm in diameter, glass steel sand inclusion pipe material brittle applies only in a large aperture and in the construction process, mechanical collision prone to injury, and injury is not easy to find, affect the service life.
        (3) rigid polyethylene pipe UPV-C pipe
        UPV-C tube has high impact resistance and chemical resistance. It can according to the different requirements, in the machining process can be adding different additives to make it satisfy the requirements of different physical and chemical properties, UPV-C tube has long service life and sealing is good wait for a characteristic, but UPV-C tube heavy metal stabilizer in the processing process, in the use process will gradually seep, the impact of water.
        (4) steel pipe
        The biggest flaw of the steel pipe is short life, strong corrosion, poor sealing, easy to leak, and the price is high, the uneven settlement of the ground.
        (5) nodular graphite tube
        The cost of the tube is high, the average price is more expensive than the PE tube, and the connecting interface angle is too large to cause leakage.
        (6) gray cast iron pipe
        The cast iron pipe has short service life, large friction coefficient, poor sealing performance, and easy leakage.
        Welcome to visit the Jinhai plastic factory, our professional supplies high-voltage power pipes, PE pipes, flame retardant casing electrician. We look forward to with us, choose the suitable for your products, welcome to visit.

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